Meet the Team

Flexider Industrial, an IMCI company, has been producing a wide variety of innovative products for the global market for over 90 years, and in doing so has positioned itself as an industry leader. A key focus of the group has always been on continual progression and enhancing this position, as shown by the recently established Flexider USA.

Flexider USA is a metal and fabric expansion joint manufacturer that services the needs of several industries, including refining, petrochemical, power generation and chemical processing facilities. The backbone of our company is our employees. Their solid fabrication experience, attention to detail, ingenuity and integrity is what drives our growth and intensifies our customer commitment.

Steve Stewart

Director of Engineering – 27 years in Design & Fabrication of Expansion Joints

Mike Reber

Manufacturing Engineer – 35 years in Design & Fabrication of Expansion Joints

Eric Mao

Design Engineer – 2 years expansion joint industry experience – registered as a professional engineer with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta, Canada since September 2001

Total Engineering Team Experience: 65 Years

Rusty Greer

42 years in Purchasing, Planning, Material Control/Inventory

Total Estimating/Material Sourcing/Frame Agreement Experience: 42 Years

Jean Polk

41 years in Sales, Customer Service, Contract Management

Sheila Braden

23 years in Sales, Customer Service, and Business Systems Process

Carol Cameron

5 years Customer & Sales Liaison Manager, plus 25 years in other industries

Total Sales Experience: 69 Years

Tracy Rudy

2 years Quality & Safety Manager, plus 30 additional years of Quality Experience. Leads the quality team.


Our Production team consists of experienced bellows formers, on-site service, welders, assemblers, and shop management

262 Total Years of combined bellows fabrication and expansion joint manufacturing experience!

Our Team

Total Flexider USA Team Experience: 348 Years