Flexider USA is proud to offer quality flexible solutions for industrial applications. Each product line is designed to meet a wide range of temperature, movement and chemical requirements to provide a reliable, long lasting solution to your engineering needs. All of our products are designed to meet your project’s workload conditions and engineering requirements. The Flexider family of products shown below has an engineered solution designed to exceed expectations.

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Round Metal Expansion Joints Full

Round metal expansion joints

Round Expansion Joints are designed to absorb axial, lateral and angular motion in any combination as a result of thermal or mechanical movements…

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Rect EJ

Rectangular metal expansion joints

Rectangular Expansion Joints can be extremely useful in conditions that require high temperature, long life, and low to medium pressure working conditions.

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Transfer Lines Integrated Systems Full

Transfer lines & integrated systems

Flexider USA can design and fabricate expansion joints that are shop-integrated into ducting and piping systems. This can eliminate dangerous, time consuming…

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